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CVN-69 - USS Ron Paul

The USS Ron Paul was commissioned during the 2012 US Presidential election campaign. While many expected CVN-69 to be named the new flagship of the fleet, a conspiracy led to a media blackout around the launch of the ship and she was passed up for the honor. She serves now as the home for the finest virtual squadron in the virtual navy, with most of the monitors in CIC broadcasting 24/7 coverage of The Liberty Report.


On board

VFA-69 - Honeybadgers

The Honeybadgers are the primary air wing on board. Utilizing the F/A-18C Hornet, the Honeybadgers deploy into hostile environments and lay waste to the enemy both in the air and on the ground. Now, what they determine to be hostile is entirely up for discussion. So far we've seen pilots lay waste to themselves, random passing trains, tower blocks, houses, and even cruise ships. Still, rarely have any court martial charges been brought against these pilots, usually due to them attempting to land directly into the hangar deck.

VF-54 - Predators

Flying the majestic F-14B Tomcat, VF-54 provide both fleet defense and ground strike capabilities. Acceptance into this squadron requires the candidate to be able to competently play volleyball and expectant pilots are already studiously researching how aircraft worked before they had good computers.
[if you're flying as RIO, you can look over and click buttons in the front seat. Don't tell Lasher we told you this...]

VFC-69 - Aggressors

Our aggressors - the best of the best. Or, more, those of us who happen to own the F-5 Tiger module. Pilots who choose to fly as the aggressor in our training sessions are responsible for giving the good guys a good fight. We'll then take that track and debrief on it, and by debrief we mean make gifs of the funny parts so people don't forget their dumb mistakes.

327th - Wolfpack

As our first non-naval squadron, the 327th brings the F-16C Fighting Viper Falcon into the fold. An agile, fast, multirole jet, the F-16C excels in both air to ground operations and air to air combat, able to carry and deliver a dizzying array of weapons, albeit in limited numbers at any one time. In our little world, the 327th are looking to specialize in SEAD and DEAD strikes, helping CVW-69 successfully complete operations by ensuring the SA-11 that usually kills us all is gone before we take off.

Or it kills the SEAD team, which is more likely.


Providing close air support and air interdiction, VMA-169 fly the AV-8B Night Attack, the Harrier. They are some of the coolest kids around, so cool, in fact, that the Navy gave them their own set of ships to fly from. Y'all can go over there now. For the moment, we're also bundling Huey's into VMA-169, because lets be fair, Huey's are just better Harrier's.

In Storage

We may activate these groups if and when there's enough interest in them - effectively, VX-69 will be activated when the [REDACTED] is released, and HSC-69 will be activated when the Special Bus Ops crew go and steal an Apache / Hind / Cobra. Until then, we're pretty much considering anything that isn't an F/A-18 or F-14 as part of the Aggressors group, because who doesn't want to see a doorgunner in a Huey streaming rounds out the side at a Tomcat?


The Badgers testing squadron based out of MCAS Kaneohe. We could tell you more, but than we'd have you kill you.


Our Huey squadron, responsible for providing logistical support to operations, including deploying defenses, troops, and forward air controllers into the battlefield. A few years ago, during operations in Georgia, HSC-6 came across an abandoned group of Ka-50's. Taking no time in strapping up some cargo rigs, they somehow managed to extract from the AO and return to the USS Ron Paul without command staff noticing the large Russian attack helicopters dangling below. Using the latest techniques in stealth and lying, HSC-6 will occasionally pretend they're walking toward a Huey then at the last moment sneak into the Ka-50's to rain hell down upon enemy movements.