nothing like coding on hooker ass – Lasher
I’m the game of the week – Lyndon
He got pegged by his own decoy-penis – Schlumpy
we were huey adjacent my guy – Nullspec
what about -withgreatprejudice to fukin yeet that boi back to ace combat – DsrtFx
I have no weapons, just guns – Alchemy
What if we just the fan on the plane – JJnine
I need to have a look at a possum’s nipples right now – Schlumpy
tbh just get the single one and duct tape another penetrator on the shaft of the thruster – kevin0m
We have reached a level of stiffness that is acceptable – Schlumpy
It’s a chonker. How is it so big? It’s giant! – Schlumpy
Both my parents are fucking – Osiris
I got thoroughly spiced! – Phil
Daddy Stennis let go uwu – DsrtFx
Pick any of these sentences for the ticker, thanks – FrozenDroid
tfw you have to go afk mid op because your catgirl shat on the floor again – Llama
Cant wait for ‘Cats’, bit worried though as my 55 Gallon drum of lube hasn’t arrived yet… -Schlumpy
I’ll make sure I shoot you down, with guns, while ur on the cat with all ur JDAM coords loaded. – Shots
Tomcats are for gay Chads because they’re manly but gotta have one guy in the back, Hornets are for the Virgins because they can do it all much easier with the computer, but also alone – DsrtFx
Orgasms are temporary, friendships are forever – Blackychan
The foreskin is nature’s sabot – DsrtFx
Masturbating into the corner, growing a mold garden – DsrtFx
you can check that bitches hardwood floors but that ass is real – White Crow
Do you think you were conceived while a ball gag was in play? – Wildboyz
With that 3 foot long dildo, anything’s possible – Schlumpy



A collection of videos showcasing and explaining DCS World – please, if you enjoy their content, take a moment to subscribe to their channels. Note also that this isn’t an entirely inclusive list of content available – YouTube has a search function, and we’re sure you can figure it out.


Wags F/A-18C tutorials

Crash Laobi’s F/A-18C 1 Minute DCS tutorials (NSFW)

RedKite’s F/A-18C tutorials



Eagle Dynamics